Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Having a Fashion Designer Friend In Town

Author in New Spring Dress
Last weekend, my long-lost Brenda came to visit.  Years ago, I think we started talking because we liked each others' style. Some would call those roots of a friendship shallow, but if you know how much I deeply admire all things fashion, you would define the friendship as deep & everlasting.  

We both don't live in the same place anymore. I miss her. Having her back for one fleeting Sunday funday was all the affirmation I needed to realize just how much my closet misses having her around as well.  

Even though we didn't plan it, our entire day together was subtly fashion-oriented.  Our first destination was the American Apparel Factory in DTLA (aka the legal American Sweatshop) where we window shopped the color wheel.  Next, Fashion District where I found the perfect spring dress that I would not have tried on if it weren't for B, "Try it on. Just try it on. Get it. Get it." (aside: I don't think Brenda has ever talked me out of a purchase.) We then headed up to Los Feliz and vintage hunted and got some more ideas.  To wind down, our day ended with apertifs and light bites from my favorite sidewalk bistro (Le Figaro) where the people watching on Vermont is fantastic.  We weren't looking at the people, per say, but at their clothes.