Monday, August 27, 2012

On Loafers

I am tired of heels. My runner's feet and calves are also tired of heels. As a working woman in the 21st century, I am happy to say there are plenty o' options out there when it comes to the closet. What I need to be adding to my fall attire are a brand new set of LOAFERS! Ideally, they would be the cheeky pair from Stubbs & Wooton, as pictured here:

Friday, August 17, 2012

On How to Be Smart

I am happy to say that I am not returning to school this fall!  As a recent alumna, I want to keep my wits about me.  The last thing I want is a soggy, lazy brain so I listen to TED talks, NPR, and radio broadcastings direct from France (Paris 1) on a regular basis.  Links to two of my most favoritist (see I am smart!) TED Talks can be found below:


Sunday, August 12, 2012

On The Olympic Highlights

I inconsistently followed London 2012.  Inconsistently followed, meaning:
I occasionally pulled up the New York Times Results during the workday.  
I occasionally streamed video highlights when I got home from work (and ok fine, I streamed one while AT work.)
I occasionally caught a tweet or a FB update that I couldn't ignore and then Googled the facts.   
I wouldn't say that I consistently followed the Olympics because: 
I didn't set my alarm for ungodly hours to catch the events.
I didn't cause my office to experience an interruption in their internet connection (unlike what happened with city workers at Los Angeles City Hall ).
I didn't sit through a game/match/event in its entirety (though I did watch the women's marathon for about 2.5 hours, just until the top American women finished. Go Flanagan!).

The highlights-worth-mentioning of 2012 London are as follows:
1. I was with my boyfriend in a bar when the Opening Ceremony(/psychedelic trip) aired.  We stuck around for the majority of the Parade of Nations and the whole time we were wondering why North Korea paraded in with the D's if the parade is organized in alphabetical order in the language of the host country.  After massive Googling with discovered the official name for North Korea is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Hmmm. Click here for some other interesting facts about why some countries parade under the names that they do. 
2. A German Diver, Stephan Feck, did a back flop instead of some fancy dive. 
3. Many men collapsed due to exhaustion during Long Distance Walking, yep, walking. 
4. A funny internet meme, Mckayla is not impressed is a viral result of a young US gymnast's disappointment for being the second best vaulter in the world. (I mean come on! only second!)
5. It was a real struggle trying to figure out what country would take the Gold for a Women's 2 on 2 Beach Volleyball Match.
6. Mixing up the flag  of two deeply-divided-yet-once-one-nation countries is never a good thing. 
7. Runners are nicer guys than swimmers? Galen Rupp seems like a more wholesome character than both Michael Phelps (who ditched his girlfriend) and Brian Lochte (especially since Brian has a decorative grill). 
8. Olympians try to get their game on in arenas other than the Olympic stadium. 
9. Brits that win gold medals get a mailbox painted gold in their hometown.  

The Olympics renewed some with a sense of patriotism,motivated others with new workout goals, and taught many people more about the world in which we all live.  Are you going to watch the closing ceremony?