Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Where I Will Unwind

Alright, dear readers, in about an hour and a half I will be signing off of the internet for what will be 10 long days of Shish Boom Bloglessness. Tootaloo!  I leave you with this: 
Destination: Vashon Is, WA

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the Summer Essentials

I am in the process of packing so that makes me very aware of what I need vs. what I don't need but want to shove into a suitcase with very limited space. The painful reality that I am not a light packer (unlike my Mum that waltzes off the plane with lunchbox sized luggage when flying internationally), has provoked a need for this list on the summer essentials.  Whether I travel near or far, I am learning to keep it simple.  Oh, and compact.

A bikini that stays on your bod in rough surf, for a beach jog, or when chasing your little cousins around. I personally love Patagonia's bikinis.  Everything you would want in a sporty, yet sexy two-piece is pictured here:
 A stack of fashion mags to peruse on the plane.  This is to make up for the time that was spent in front of a MacBook in climate-controlled office air, reading great works of academia, council files, and census spreadsheets.
Summer is the time for my Raybans and my rainbows. Pack 'em! 

 I will be on vacation so I will  not be tending to the tresses like I do when I am keeping up appearances in a place where people know me. Going off the grid for a week+ means I can wear a cap whenever a good hairbrushing is far too domestic
 A beach throw makes the essentials list since it is so versatile. Perfect to bask on when the rays burn brightly.  It can couple as a blankie when the sun goes down at night. I am making sure mine is big enough for some fellow family members to lay on when the 4th of July fireworks light up the sky. 
Oh sweet summer.

Monday, June 27, 2011

On What I am Waiting For

I am ready to take a little hiatus from LA land. I am ready to put on my bathing suit and bask in the sun rays for days on end. . . reading nothing but pleasure reads and mags. . . eating nothing but seasonal produce. . . running until my heart is content. . . scouring the beach for odd driftwood and broken China. . taking photographs. . . sleeping without an alarm clock for ten days straight.  
I will wear an over-sized floppy hat, walk around barefoot, howl at the moon, and be free from the daily grind. It's my Gram's 80th and everyone is celebratin' in the PNW (Pacific Northwest). I will be a ferry-ride away from Seattle, within view of Mt Rainer, and amongst the company of my loving family (aunts, cousins, Mum, sis, bro-n-law, cousin's babies (not sure of the proper title for them. . . my second cousins? that sounds too distant, blech), unks, oh and my gram, the most charming little lady.)  
I want to be my Grandmother when I grow up. A woman that navigated the world with the love of her life (my Grandpa John). She had 5 children who are all amazing, creative, entertaining people. She lived in Venezuela, Norway, Aruba, Australia. She writes. . . like novels. . . that get published. . .She still has reunions with her high school girlfriends from Nebraska. We are talking a dozen 80-somethings flying across the country to have a slumber party with their childhood girlfriends.  Pretty freakin' neat. 
So goodbye LA. See ya on the flip.  

On What I Would Recommend

I think you should take a ride with me on my scooter. 
Yes, you. 
I know you think it is dangerous and that your Mom would just kill you, but really, honestly, cruising doesn't get any better than this.  The sweet California breeze, the way the wind makes your eyes squint, the way you push past bulky, boxy automobiles effortlessly. When you arrive at your destination parking is a sinch.  Gas costs me five dolla per week and there is no place on the little machine to even put a parking ticket.  
I know, I know, you have scooter envy. 
I don't blame you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

On Who My Hero Is

This Sunday celebrates the day of my hero: my Dad. Unfortunately, I will not get to spend the day with him.  I am his little girl and in his eyes will always look as I do pictured here.  He knows the wildest facts about everything. He gives good directions and knows where practically every country is and has probably been to most of them.  He sails. He runs when I make him.  He hikes . . . . and not just up a mountain, but across Spain, regularly.  He has read close to every book that has been printed and can do so in multiple languages.  He mows, he chops wood, he builds things. He is extraordinary. I am lucky I got him as my Dad.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Crop Top

I like short shirts.  I have purchased a pair of fabric scissors to cut some shirts in order to make them wearable. I like crop tops not because I, like, have six-pack abs or anything.  I just like the flirty, looseness of the things.  Not to mention, my belly button isn't particularly bad looking (all belly buttons are, in general, weird, but mine is at least not conspicuously bad weird).  The Crop Top of the 2000's is the Belly Shirt of the '80's-- meaning, they are the exact same thing.  It just goes to show, across time, it is not a bad thing to get out in the sun and bear thy navel. 

On The Treasure Hunt

I have been on a blog hiatus. Sorry! Life recently demanded my full attention so I cut down my time spent in cyber space, but here I am again front and center alight with glow of the computer screen, blogging. . . 

So Pasadena was a treasure trove yesterday. I went with four lovely ladies (3 of which had just moved, myself included).  The weather was overcast (Hello June Gloom!) so we lasted until most of the vendors were packing it up.  I came home with a wooden crate painted bright red ($15.00), six vintage drinking glasses with painted daisies on them, three old glass jars w/lids ($10.00), a digital clock with a seagull on it ($20.00), a comfy, over-sized wool cardigan (bought w. the glasses for a grand total of $25.00), and this all-leather bag ($35.00 talked down from $45.00) and many, many great decorating ideas.  The bag was the gold coin of the day.  
I will be back in a month Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market---back for more frozen lemonade, more listening to the guy that sings karaoke sitting down who said "if you close your eyes, you can see Frank Sinatra" (not entirely true), more of the lady that wanted to charge me $12.00 for a measly deer antler, more of debating whether or not a terrarium is a necessity and if a vintage type-writer is a cool thing to have or not, more haggling and walking away when you don't like high prices, and more memorable Sundays. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

On Handiwork.

MK knows how to make things. He made me a fountain with this own two hands as a present once. It actually spouts water which then trickles down a pane of glass. Impressive craftsmanship. The fountain is engraved with a message.  How's that for a creative gift? 
Since I love crafting, I equally love the hardware store. Last night I had an idea. Five minutes after we got home, this had been crafted. Check it. 

A full mason-jar chandelier is the next endeavor.They go for about $300.00 on Etsy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

On my Favorite Piece of Jewelry

 This ring found me. I did not find it. It got stuck on my finger in the store and had to shell out some cash for it. I guess we were meant to be.  

On the Best Celebrity Couple

Despite the fact that I live in Los Angeles, I don't spend too much of my time thinking about celebrities. Sure, if I see a pink Bentley, I may think ugh where is Paris Hilton headed? I may think of Lindsay Lohan when I am walking on Abbot Kinney past a particular jewelry store. Not to mention, my spotting of Naomi Watts, w husband Liev Schreiber, and child was the highlight of a Sunday morning spent at the Brentwood Farmer's Market.  It is true, I care, and I might even obsess a little, but I don't spend my time w US Weekly or TMZ by any means. 
Regardless of my slight disregard for local stardom, I do assure you that I know what I am talking about when I tell you what I am about to say.  Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are IT when it comes to celebrity couples. 
They are by far the hottest, juiciest, most passionate pair in town.  Not convinced? 
Think of it this way: watch Brangelina in Mr & Mrs Smith and then as a comparative analysis watch Vicki Cristina Barcelona and you should notice the difference. One couple is conventionally "hot" (which is well, just boring) while the other is smoking. Javi and Pene are fiery, sexy, and spicy.  An accented brunette bombshell paired with a tall, dark, and handsome. Good gawd, they are beautiful together. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

On What I Will Vintage Hunt

I am going to the World Famous Rose Bowl flea market this weekend.  I am so excited! I thought the day would never come. I have been in LA for over a year and the first weekend of every month marks a failed attempt to get up to Pasadena bright and ear-lie on a Saturday, but this weekend it is happening. Get hagglin!
What I will look for: 
                                                           Vinty glassware w. fun images
Stack-able suitcases

                                                            An antique fan to replace the $6 one B got for me.
                                          Something to clackety-clack on. (Preferably in this army green color.)

On What I Pedi'd.

Summer! It is all about bright colors and sunshine and flowers right?! Well then why when I went to the beauty salon did I choose a NEUTRAL tan color to cloak my nails? 

My summer strategy is to keep the radiant colors in check with a hint of neutrality- a splash of camel over a brightly flowered frock, a black legging under a tribal print tunic. A little class with some sass? 

J. Crew does the radiant/neutral combo best. Purple pants and camel. Heaven in an outfit.