Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Dress-up

Tonight my girlfriend came over for Sunday night dinner. We did adult things like eat a 3-course meal and drink wine and talk about life, but then we played dress-up like we tend to once the meal winds down.  We run to my closet and play with my things as if it was our Mother's treasure trove of coveted attire and costume jewelry.  We play music and laugh and make up outfits for specific scenarios that may or may not ever happen. Sometimes we film, but we promise to never show anyone else our videos. We have a pact.  It's like an unspoken pinky swear. Secrets of children as adults. Happy Sunday. I hope you feel as warm and fuzzy as I do.

On Sunshine

                                                       Happy Sunday from my kitchen table. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Art Night

Friday Art Night 1/20/2012
Ever so often I like to gather my friends, gather some paints, get some wine & some snacks, and do some art. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

On What I Hunt For

I am on a mission, a calling, a pursuit, a quest, a carnivorous hunt for


some suede grey ankle booties. 

ASIDE:(What can I say, urbanites have translated primordial tendencies to modern day parameters. For better or worse, in 'advanced' society we hunt and peck for material goods as means of expression rather than nuts and berries as means of survival.)

I think I found the perfect pair! Sam Edelman Renzo's.  Don't you just love the studded heel? That's modern hunter hardware at its best. These boots would help me on my hunt forevermore.

They are expensive so I plan to continue my hunt this weekend for a more pocketbook-friendly alternative. . . well my birthday is coming up so maybe . . .

Saturday, January 14, 2012

On How I Lace Up

You want a little spring in your step? 
You know what you need? 
(No, not Aerosoles.  What are you? Old?)
You need bright hued laces. 
They are just the right (double-dip recession friendly) accessory to brighten up your wardrobe in the doldrums of winter. (I feel you New England, I heard, 0 degrees as a high)
I just made my Clark's a little more eye-catching with electric salmon cord laces.  

Even the men are doing it.

On How Good It Feels to Boogie

Last night I danced my booty off. I had so much fun at an M83 concert. I am still revelling from the magic and power of live music. The night started with a Metro ride Downtown.  Our timing to the station was impeccable.  Literally the train was at our feet as we descended to the platform.  We walked to the venue (Club Nokia) to score some bracelets so that we could get down to the pit (good thinking!) and then we hightailed it to Cana Rum Bar for some of the best happy hour drinks in DTLA. The mojita was delish.  We sipped our drinks, settled up, and made it to the venue just in time for some Electronica courtesy of the opener Big Black Delta. I am a fan of their song called the Zebrah.  Check it! The lead singer was a tweeny skinny mini who sure could shake it. The best part of the night was to be expected M83 was out of this world good.  Their set list was incredible. They played a vast array of their songs and I got lost in the sound. I was shaking it to the music with nothing on my mind but the beat. Talk about finding your bliss on a Friday night.

Monday, January 9, 2012

On My Gift to My Self

 With the passing of the New Year, I have bought myself a few things. Of my recent purchases, my favorite item is . . . well, a shower curtain.  I know what you are thinking. You are surprised at how dull I am getting. A shower curtain? You are starting to wonder about me. . . . 
 This isn't just any shower curtain.  It is adorned with the cityscape of the place that stole my heart (read: Paris). It makes you want to enter my somewhat-small bathroom and never even leave.  I am sure my next house guest will come over for dinner and sometime during the night ask me if they can shower. I am sure of it.  
The purchase of this shower curtain was inspired by the blog: Cup of Jo.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On What I Brunch

I would like to mention that I had the ultimate brunch over New Year's weekend. Brunch is such a treat.  As of late, brunching can only occur on the weekend or a holiday when I don't have to be up and at 'em with an office to get to. Not to mention, I sparingly brunch because I run in the morning, and that means, I usually want to eat something right after and by no means could possibly manage to shower, hop into a cute breezy weekend skirt, venture to a brunch spot (bound to be packed in LA on the weekends), and order something without becoming ravenous (and most likely a little unpleasant to be around). So when I do brunch, I am consider it a luxury. 
Not only did I brunch, I brunched at one of the newest (may I add nicest) downtown culinary hubs--The Artisan House.  If you haven't been and live in LA with me, call me. I want to go back! Just look at it!
There is more, I ordered a croque madame---the ultimate brunch menu item and I was with my favorite boy-man in all of Los Angeles and it was a long weekend, and it was a brilliant place, and he is amazing, and I was wearing a cute skirt, and the juice was fresh, and, and, and. . . . . .

On Embracing the New

Hi folks! Happy 2012! I am back from my luxurious holiday hiatus adventure on the East Coast (Dani, Jenn, Vicki love to you!).  I am ready to "blahg" once again.
I will briefly reflect on the past before I move forward:
2011, what a year! Not sure if I loved it, not sure if I hated it, but I don't think I need to draw up a cost benefit analysis of something that is over.
I will move forward (somewhat adruptly?):
I am looking forward to numerous things in the 2012. Some of my goals (read goals not resolutions) include:
1. To drink more water daily.
2. To take a sewing class once. (I am thinking at Eight Limbs in Echo Park. I like the owner Erika! I bought a dress from her that she had tailored herself, such skills). 
3. To go to a museum once a month at least. (I still haven't been to the Norton Simon in Pasadena.)
4. To see live music more, more, and more. (I am itching for some M83 tickets to their show next weekend)
5. To brush up on my Spanish,(para ti Papi).
6. To make my clothing purchases with diligence and patience rather than lust and impulse.
7. To dress up more often. (heels, lipstick, you know, dress like a knock out)
8. To read books during my commute on the Metro rather than stare lovingly into my Iphone that doesn't have service anyways.   
9. To have art nights at my house regularly. (More potlucks, more painting)
10. To try new restaurants before I head back to my tried and true urban haunts. . . . . Well, in addition to heading back to my tried and true urban haunts.
Cheers to putting a little hurrah into our lives!