Friday, September 28, 2012

On Homebody Fridays

My favorite thing to do after a long work work is to be spend Friday nights in or close to home.  The farthest I'll venture is to the nail spot a handful of blocks from my apartment or to my fav KTown watering hole (Beer Belly), but sometimes not even. Some Fridays, I pull on PJ pants the very second I walk through my front door.  As long as my house is stocked with fixings for a hearty salad and some wine, I am set.

Beezies in the kitch.
Tonight is sure to be extra special. A close girlfriend is dropping by after work to walk with me to get pedicures.  After our pamper sess, We will eat a home-cooked meal and share a a bottle of wine. . . . and when she decides to hit the road for home, I will curl up to my Hulu queue (I have some new episodes of the New Girl on there!) and browse the new mags I haven't had a chance to glance at-Vogue and Los Angeles Magazine. I like how the night is stacking up.

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