Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On My Obsession

I am addicted to . . . . . no, not a beauty product. No, not to a designer drug. No, not to a television series (well yes I am to both Entourage and Gossip Girl), but my point is. . . I am addicted to a Trader Joe's product. I go for groceries and without fail need, must, have-to purchase at least two containers of there just-salty-enough-perfect olive tapenade. 

It is so good, it is bananas. 
Other honorable mentions: 
Edamame: mix in a rice dish w some soy sauce or toss atop a salad. 
Dr. Praeger's: when I cannot go out and get the best Veg burg from R&D, I'll make this at home.  
 Vegan Cookies: I love to bake, but when I don't these are my sweet tooth back up. 

 Grapefruit: On the way out of Trader's, snag a grapefruit. It is an edible miracle worker.

Clearly, grocery shopping is my favorite menial task.  I could spend hours in Trader Joe's, Wholefoods, and I need to venture to Erewhon, but you I wouldn't be caught dead in a Ralph's or Von's.  Those places are sterile factories of processed concoctions. I am just saying. . . .you are what you munch. 

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