Sunday, September 18, 2011

On Sunday Traditions

Since I don't own a television my Sundays are not given over to the NFL.  Instead of spending the last day of the weekend clapping at the TV (it is more than fine if you do, friends, I know you are out there) I have some Sunday practices that I find myself revisiting. Some of my Sunday habits include:
French pressed coffee & Fresh squeezed OJ

The New York Times

The Larchmont Village Farmers' Market

Evening Yoga 

Salad, Gourmet Pizza, & Wine for Dinner 
 (lately I have been going to Stella Rosa over on the Westside)

What do you typically do with your Sunday? Are you a creature of habit like me? 
Oh and I eat dessert. I like Sunday evening dessert. Usually I will have a cookie. I like cookies. 
Happy Sunday!


  1. Happy Sunday Miss Lady J! Tonight we drank some pumpkin beers, as of lately I can't have enough pumpkin flavored, spiced, spiked, whatever. Unlike your home tonight we actually plugged in the TV that was hidden in the closet forever. We watched the Emmy's. How was the Style section in the Times? xoxoxo

  2. B! I had my first pumpkin latte yesterday. Perfection.