Thursday, December 1, 2011

On My Homemade Salad of Choice

I like this salad so much, I ate it!
Salads are so great. So much can happen in a salad.  I could eat salad for the rest of my life and nothing else and not be sad about it. Ok, I would miss sandwiches from time to time (in re my earlier post about my love affair with the sandwich). Regardless, salads are all about finding the perfect mix of ingredients.  I love salad! Salad, salad, salad! My current homemade favorite is a balanced blend of:
red leaf lettuce
edamame (shelled and steamed)
chopped radishes
shredded carrot
sunflower seeds
sprouts (any kind will do) or micro greens
all tossed together with a lemon herb dressing (I use Follow Your Heart Brand Vegan Lemon Herb Dressing)
No need to measure out the portions.  Get crazy with it. Put more of what you like and less of what you can do without, but be sure to feel good eating it!


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