Saturday, February 4, 2012

On All Things Bright & Beautiful

It is February. That means. . . it is spring in LA. 

You are probably thinking, "Wait, there are no seasons in LA?" I would have to agree with you there. My born-and-raised Angeleno friend just had me explain Groundhog day to her. Enough said. 

What I mean is that people are dressing as if we have just emerged from a cold, hard winter of thick socks, corduroy, and wool sweaters.  (Here in LA, and surprisingly many other winter-prone places, we have not. My girlfriend in Manhattan just reported 60 degrees last weekend.) 

 "There will be brighter days ahead" was a message I read in a storefront window yesterday. As if the 80 degree weather last weekend wasn't UVA/UVB bright enough. Even if they did mean something about the recession and the dire state of Republican presidential candidates' public speaking skills, I am still convinced that window was being shallow and trivial.  Despite economics and politics, the uplifting message was merely trying to make a point about needing new clothes for the new season. Hence, the ubiquitous pastels and neons.  

As an Angeleno, I am dressing as if I have just spent several long, cold months underneath layers of snow, sipping hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and wearing two-layers of mittens (my sister in New Hampshire actually does this).  I wearing brights that pop, cut-off shorts, and moccasins with no socks. Spring has sprung!

photo courtesy of J. Crew Spring 2012

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