Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On Manners

I am adamant about one thing in particular. No phones at the dinner table. Being out to eat is tantamount to being at home. Regardless of where it is impolite to have a phone in between you and your supper plate not to mention you and your dining company. I believe that the very last meal of the day (exception being dessert of course) is meant to serve as a transition from the hustle-bustle of the day to the somnolence of the night. Face it, a phone in your face doesn't make for meaningful conversation. Chances are that phone has been in your face or in your fist for the majority of the day. Give it a rest, break some bread, and live a little.  

Afterward: I am considering having a phone-less day once a week. A day in which I either 1. make no plans and then am no longer capable of making plans once that day is upon me 2. have pre-existing plans or 3. forewarn my friends and insist that they must come a-knocking if they want to me come out and play. I think it could be a riveting modern day adventure.

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