Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Breaking Bread Together

I keep asking my tasteful friends (all of my friends are tasteful, that is why they are my friends!), "Have you heard of Kinfolk Magazine?" Every single one of them has replied, "No. What's that." So I need to tell you that Kinfolk Magazine if my new favorite 'zine. Kinfolk is a proponent of small gatherings--something I would like to champion this summer. I love small gatherings because:
1. I live in an apartment in a dense, urban setting with no yard. 
2. I am in my twenties, but have tendencies as if I was in my forties and large gatherings can get out of hand, especially in your own home. 
3. I like intimate, warm groups of people. 
4. Small dinner parties are budget friendly. 

Speaking from experience, the easiest thing to do is to host people that you love and want to welcome into your home.  Kinfolk inspires its readers how to go about doing that. Kinfolk describes its approach as, "simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived".  You gotta love that! 

The magazine's images make me want to run to the market to pick up fresh bread, olives, cheese, and wine, and to call some buddies to chow and to chat with the loveliness that comes from being together.  

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