Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Where to Eat Tacos

I used to religiously go to Malo for their Monday taco deal, but now I no longer make the trek to Silverlake/Sunset Junction area for my Mexican cravings. I drive straight on Beverly from my house to Escuela Taqueria.  It is BYOB and very conveniently located across the street from Erewhon (my fav, yet expensive health food store in this city).  At Erewhon you can kill two birds with one stone: buy booze and get cash back (Escuela only takes straight bills y'all).  BYOB'ing drastically reduces your dinner cost and gives the waiters zero clue as to how much you have been swilling down over the course of your meal. The chips are homemade.  The tacos are delish.  The place is small.  The atmosphere is jovial and cozy.  Just perfect for a cheap night out! Eat outside! It's summer!

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