Friday, March 21, 2014

On Movies, Mickey, and Jim Calhoun

Enchanting imagery from Wes Anderson, per usual
I am always excited for the weekend. Who isn't?! This weekend they are calling for temps in the 60's and 70's.  I call that brisk--considering temperatures were in the upper eighties last weekend! I am looking forward to balancing being active with some cozy, relaxing activities.  

Here are some of the highlights: 

This weekend the babe and I are going to see Wes Anderson's newest--The Grand Budapest Hotel .  I have heard nothing but good things.  I actually won two free tickets off the radio (Thanks KCRW!) so the film carries with it some good luck.  I loved his latest, Moonrise Kingdom

Mickey and me 
I plan to vintage hunt in Magnolia Park (a designation within Burbank), which was recently featured in LA Mag: here.  The vintage places are numerous and include: SwiftPlay Clothes, the Bearded Lady, and 33 Rooms. The most recent vintage addition to my wardrobe is an old Mickey sweatshirt--gifted to me (thanks and much love MAC).  

Otherwise, the weekend plans include the usual morning hikes, C&C, a boxing class at City of Angels (post about COA to come soon), homemade brunch and a trip to the Farmer's Market.  I also hope to send out a "Spring has Sprung" package for my parents.  Snow is still on the ground back home and the winter has been brutal so I hope to send them a little care package from LA that is uplifting. I usually run to Olvera Street for brightly colored gifts that remind them of their times together in Latin America (my parents met in Mexico)

Jim Calhoun, circa 2004. He's the man and once ate
one of my mom's cookies!

I cannot end this post without mentioning March Madness.  College basketball is my favorite sport to spectate.  Having gone to UConn for undergrad, as a freshman I experienced both the women's and the men's team winning the championship (and therefore mass riots on campus,as seen here, I dunno college kids are weird and violent), had season tickets, and went to class alongside or close proximity to Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordan, Rudy Gay, and Charlie Villanueva. To keep my many, many college basketball memories alive (btw, so happy DUKE lost!) I always fill out a bracket and take part in some friendly annual betting.  This year what is on the line is a weekend getaway.  I am the front-runner so seems like yours truly is going on vacation! 

Anyways, it's Friday fools. Have fun out there!

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