Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On my Home

I am about three months out from seeing family and a little bit homesick, so I wanted to post some pictures from my last trek home.  

I am was born and raised in Northwestern Connecticut in a very small town called Sharon.  It is finally beginning to thaw after a very long winter. My parents live in a very old farmhouse down a bumpy dirt road, and, yes, we have a red barn.

Growing up, I spent every waking moment possible outside.  Now when I go back, I live in my bathing suit and my running shorts and a baseball cap because my Dad always asks me to wear one (to protect my skin).  The only time I act civilized is when I take the Harlem line into the city from Wassaic.  Otherwise, I drive barefoot, leave grass in my hair, and dirt underneath my fingernails.

From my office sky-rise in Downtown LA, I romanticize about my hometown.  I bet it is probably a blustery, cold day of freezing rain, but in my fondest memories Sharon is lush and bright and pristine and it will always be home to me.  

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