Monday, March 21, 2011

On Text Message Response Time

Face it, I am a texter. To all those who know me, I tend to multi-task so texting is the perfect tool to enable me to continue about my day doing several things at once. Phone calls require undivided attention and as a busy person, I am not always willing to forfeit my divided attention to speak on the phone.  Calls require good reception (which my room lacks, and the city lacks in general ahem highway tunnels = very dead dead-zones) and little to no disruptive background noise (I live in Los Angeles so silence is generally n/a.)  Despite its modernity, I believe texting requires a certain etiquette of the past. If  a text conversation is in the works, don't simply neglect responding without a GTG or a BRB.  If you read a text that elicits a response and you never respond, but your phone is handy, your negligence is rude. Politesse is imperative whereas there is communication.  Not responding to people you care about during reasonable hours in a timely fashion doesn't cut it.  Texting is a form of communication, and inasmuch not beyond the scope of manners. So as my mom would say be sure to mind your P's and Q's as far as texting goes! 

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