Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Neighbors

I currently live in one of the densest neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. Which means, I am getting to know my neighbors. The boys living on the bottom floor across the alley never tire from playing checkers night after night. I am almost positive they have seen me naked. The woman directly across the alley has her walls painted blue and a lot of knicky-knacks strewn about her house. Sometimes people come over to visit.  One neighbor showers for so long that I think it is raining until I look outside and see the bright sun.  My favorite hacks up so much phlegm throughout the day, it should be illegal. This guy has issues. The whole building can hear him. I know this because my boyfriend was getting his laundry one night and another tenant asked him if he ever heard 'the phlegm guy'. How would you like to be known in your neighborhood as the phlegm guy?  

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