Sunday, November 27, 2011

On Seattle and its surroundings. . .

I have been out of town for the Thankgiving holiday.  Sorry for the blogness days and nights, dear readers. I really did need to get away.  However, I will be integrating myself back in society sometime soon.  First with a plane ride, then with a cell phone turned ON, and finally with some high-speed internet.  I have been taking it easy on the connectivity this week, though I cannot resist posting a few photos to Le Facebook and texting the family and friends with encouragements to eat a lot.  
Seattle has been rainy and grey, but not in a negative sense, in a very cozy and relaxing sense.  The weather encouraged me to consume many cups of coffee, tea, and wine.  It smells like Fir trees and cinnamon and wet pavement.  There have been long conversations, hours of book-reading, baking, running in the rain, and trips on the ferry across the Puget Sound. This city always seems to glisten and sparkle. For me, it is a magical place.

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