Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On What I Want to Watch

One of my favorite evening activities is going to see a movie, especially as the days get darker sooner. I currently have two films on my must-see list (having seen 50/50 and Moneyball, both I would recommend).  

 The first, Like Crazy, looks like a tear-jerker.  Watch the trailer here.  I am a crier when it comes to movies so avoid me for this one. The trailers just tear my heart out. The official website synopsis puts it nicely, "Like Crazy beautifully illustrates how your first real love is as thrilling and blissful as it is devastating."Gah, I have been so sentimental about love lately.  Hopefully this movie will purge me of those feelings or lead me to the path of another hopeless romantic just like me.  

 The second, The Descendants, is the work of Alexander Payne (who directed Sideways and About Schmidt).  Trailer: here. It stars George Clooney as his frumpier (ahem tucked in Hawaiian shirts) than usual self (wholly attractive nonetheless).  In short, his wife is involved in a boating accident that renders her in a vegetative state just as Clooney finds out she has been having an affair.  The movie explores where he goes from there.  Seems like a quite a starting point. . . 

 Looks like this weekend I will be packing for my Thanksgiving vacation, writing an Architecture research paper, and clearly, procrastinating by going to the movies. Who is with me?

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