Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On What I Brunch

I would like to mention that I had the ultimate brunch over New Year's weekend. Brunch is such a treat.  As of late, brunching can only occur on the weekend or a holiday when I don't have to be up and at 'em with an office to get to. Not to mention, I sparingly brunch because I run in the morning, and that means, I usually want to eat something right after and by no means could possibly manage to shower, hop into a cute breezy weekend skirt, venture to a brunch spot (bound to be packed in LA on the weekends), and order something without becoming ravenous (and most likely a little unpleasant to be around). So when I do brunch, I am consider it a luxury. 
Not only did I brunch, I brunched at one of the newest (may I add nicest) downtown culinary hubs--The Artisan House.  If you haven't been and live in LA with me, call me. I want to go back! Just look at it!
There is more, I ordered a croque madame---the ultimate brunch menu item and I was with my favorite boy-man in all of Los Angeles and it was a long weekend, and it was a brilliant place, and he is amazing, and I was wearing a cute skirt, and the juice was fresh, and, and, and. . . . . .

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