Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Embracing the New

Hi folks! Happy 2012! I am back from my luxurious holiday hiatus adventure on the East Coast (Dani, Jenn, Vicki love to you!).  I am ready to "blahg" once again.
I will briefly reflect on the past before I move forward:
2011, what a year! Not sure if I loved it, not sure if I hated it, but I don't think I need to draw up a cost benefit analysis of something that is over.
I will move forward (somewhat adruptly?):
I am looking forward to numerous things in the 2012. Some of my goals (read goals not resolutions) include:
1. To drink more water daily.
2. To take a sewing class once. (I am thinking at Eight Limbs in Echo Park. I like the owner Erika! I bought a dress from her that she had tailored herself, such skills). 
3. To go to a museum once a month at least. (I still haven't been to the Norton Simon in Pasadena.)
4. To see live music more, more, and more. (I am itching for some M83 tickets to their show next weekend)
5. To brush up on my Spanish,(para ti Papi).
6. To make my clothing purchases with diligence and patience rather than lust and impulse.
7. To dress up more often. (heels, lipstick, you know, dress like a knock out)
8. To read books during my commute on the Metro rather than stare lovingly into my Iphone that doesn't have service anyways.   
9. To have art nights at my house regularly. (More potlucks, more painting)
10. To try new restaurants before I head back to my tried and true urban haunts. . . . . Well, in addition to heading back to my tried and true urban haunts.
Cheers to putting a little hurrah into our lives!

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