Saturday, January 14, 2012

On How Good It Feels to Boogie

Last night I danced my booty off. I had so much fun at an M83 concert. I am still revelling from the magic and power of live music. The night started with a Metro ride Downtown.  Our timing to the station was impeccable.  Literally the train was at our feet as we descended to the platform.  We walked to the venue (Club Nokia) to score some bracelets so that we could get down to the pit (good thinking!) and then we hightailed it to Cana Rum Bar for some of the best happy hour drinks in DTLA. The mojita was delish.  We sipped our drinks, settled up, and made it to the venue just in time for some Electronica courtesy of the opener Big Black Delta. I am a fan of their song called the Zebrah.  Check it! The lead singer was a tweeny skinny mini who sure could shake it. The best part of the night was to be expected M83 was out of this world good.  Their set list was incredible. They played a vast array of their songs and I got lost in the sound. I was shaking it to the music with nothing on my mind but the beat. Talk about finding your bliss on a Friday night.

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