Monday, March 5, 2012

On Living the Multi-Purpose Life

Oh glory! The Los Angeles River.

I wasn’t even expecting it, but I just witnessed one of the best lectures of my USC career.  There were many memorable thoughts that will stay with me, but the most resonant was a citation from the former Dean of the USC School of Architecture, Bob Harris.  He says nothing should be made for a single purpose.  This has sustainability, community development, and quality of life implications.  If we ever make planning mistakes, it is most often when we plan something for a single purpose.  The local example would be the LA River.  We controlled the once natural resource to avoid flooding, but thought of nothing else.  No wonder the LA River is now a concrete mess of sewage and chain-link fence.  We had one thing in mind when we make a plan for it, and that, is why we failed to come up with a comprehensive solution.  Just some urban planning food for thought!

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