Friday, March 2, 2012

On the Spring Fling

Well February just came and went-- even with that extra day, poof up and gone. Last month I had a birthday, experienced Valentine's day without a Valentine, got the last of my midterms out of the way, and continued doing what I do.  Moving into March I have decided to really take it upon myself to celebrate being young, single, and in a city. Spring is coming. Errr seasons don't even matter in Southern California.  Regardless, dusk will fade into night at a slower pace and I will make it a point to be out on the town with friends, on my own, or perhaps on a lighthearted date.  Keyword: lighthearted.  I have decided not to get into another relationship until that special someone is husband worthy and I mean it!--I just can't go through the emotional turmoil of a long relationship that amounts to nothing. So I am off for a sun-soaked afternoon walk.  I am happy that florals are finally appropriate to wear and that pink lipstick is all the rage. 
More soon from a very delighted twenty-something single lady.

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