Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Party Favors

Even though I didn't run my best race, I had a good experience at the LA marathon this past Sunday. The best part of the whole sha-bang you ask? 1. feeling fit and trim from all the training and 2. all the freebies! 
Marathons have got swag, major free swag! 
My loot includes, but is not limited to:
 Countless power/nutrition/trail bars
Energy shots/blocks/beans/goo
A long sleeve tee in flashy colors
A bag of jasmine rice (uhm, don't ask? What kinda marathoner has time to cook up some rice on the course?)
Animal crackers and chocolate grahams
A bunch of bananas
A few water bottles
a slew of unflattering photos
An assortment of fliers for upcoming races
A subscription to Women's Health, Outside Magazine, and Runners' World
Oh and a heavy finisher's medal (now that's bling)
Not to mention two bouquets of lovely flowers my spectators brought to me.  
Friends, thanks for all the love and support!
I just signed up for the San Francisco/LA challenge so that means redemption run in SF mid summer. 
Run, run, run!

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