Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the Summer Essentials

I am in the process of packing so that makes me very aware of what I need vs. what I don't need but want to shove into a suitcase with very limited space. The painful reality that I am not a light packer (unlike my Mum that waltzes off the plane with lunchbox sized luggage when flying internationally), has provoked a need for this list on the summer essentials.  Whether I travel near or far, I am learning to keep it simple.  Oh, and compact.

A bikini that stays on your bod in rough surf, for a beach jog, or when chasing your little cousins around. I personally love Patagonia's bikinis.  Everything you would want in a sporty, yet sexy two-piece is pictured here:
 A stack of fashion mags to peruse on the plane.  This is to make up for the time that was spent in front of a MacBook in climate-controlled office air, reading great works of academia, council files, and census spreadsheets.
Summer is the time for my Raybans and my rainbows. Pack 'em! 

 I will be on vacation so I will  not be tending to the tresses like I do when I am keeping up appearances in a place where people know me. Going off the grid for a week+ means I can wear a cap whenever a good hairbrushing is far too domestic
 A beach throw makes the essentials list since it is so versatile. Perfect to bask on when the rays burn brightly.  It can couple as a blankie when the sun goes down at night. I am making sure mine is big enough for some fellow family members to lay on when the 4th of July fireworks light up the sky. 
Oh sweet summer.

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