Monday, June 27, 2011

On What I am Waiting For

I am ready to take a little hiatus from LA land. I am ready to put on my bathing suit and bask in the sun rays for days on end. . . reading nothing but pleasure reads and mags. . . eating nothing but seasonal produce. . . running until my heart is content. . . scouring the beach for odd driftwood and broken China. . taking photographs. . . sleeping without an alarm clock for ten days straight.  
I will wear an over-sized floppy hat, walk around barefoot, howl at the moon, and be free from the daily grind. It's my Gram's 80th and everyone is celebratin' in the PNW (Pacific Northwest). I will be a ferry-ride away from Seattle, within view of Mt Rainer, and amongst the company of my loving family (aunts, cousins, Mum, sis, bro-n-law, cousin's babies (not sure of the proper title for them. . . my second cousins? that sounds too distant, blech), unks, oh and my gram, the most charming little lady.)  
I want to be my Grandmother when I grow up. A woman that navigated the world with the love of her life (my Grandpa John). She had 5 children who are all amazing, creative, entertaining people. She lived in Venezuela, Norway, Aruba, Australia. She writes. . . like novels. . . that get published. . .She still has reunions with her high school girlfriends from Nebraska. We are talking a dozen 80-somethings flying across the country to have a slumber party with their childhood girlfriends.  Pretty freakin' neat. 
So goodbye LA. See ya on the flip.  

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