Monday, June 13, 2011

On The Treasure Hunt

I have been on a blog hiatus. Sorry! Life recently demanded my full attention so I cut down my time spent in cyber space, but here I am again front and center alight with glow of the computer screen, blogging. . . 

So Pasadena was a treasure trove yesterday. I went with four lovely ladies (3 of which had just moved, myself included).  The weather was overcast (Hello June Gloom!) so we lasted until most of the vendors were packing it up.  I came home with a wooden crate painted bright red ($15.00), six vintage drinking glasses with painted daisies on them, three old glass jars w/lids ($10.00), a digital clock with a seagull on it ($20.00), a comfy, over-sized wool cardigan (bought w. the glasses for a grand total of $25.00), and this all-leather bag ($35.00 talked down from $45.00) and many, many great decorating ideas.  The bag was the gold coin of the day.  
I will be back in a month Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market---back for more frozen lemonade, more listening to the guy that sings karaoke sitting down who said "if you close your eyes, you can see Frank Sinatra" (not entirely true), more of the lady that wanted to charge me $12.00 for a measly deer antler, more of debating whether or not a terrarium is a necessity and if a vintage type-writer is a cool thing to have or not, more haggling and walking away when you don't like high prices, and more memorable Sundays. 

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