Thursday, June 2, 2011

On What I Will Vintage Hunt

I am going to the World Famous Rose Bowl flea market this weekend.  I am so excited! I thought the day would never come. I have been in LA for over a year and the first weekend of every month marks a failed attempt to get up to Pasadena bright and ear-lie on a Saturday, but this weekend it is happening. Get hagglin!
What I will look for: 
                                                           Vinty glassware w. fun images
Stack-able suitcases

                                                            An antique fan to replace the $6 one B got for me.
                                          Something to clackety-clack on. (Preferably in this army green color.)


  1. My mom has a set of suitcases that look exactly like that!

  2. Author's note: The Pasadena Flea Market is NEXT weekend, June 12th. She regrets her mistake, but will be hunting for the same treasures in about a week.