Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On The Look Book

I keep a scrapbook called the Look Book.  It is full of magazine clippings that capture various looks or outfit ensembles.  It is a very handy resource for when I need help getting dressed in the morning or for when I am out on a shopping excursion (usually for me, vintage hunting).  I have created an abbreviated, online version to share with you.
The Prairie--scarves, denim, rugged plaids, boots
The Art Gallery Goddess--glasses, tweed of some sort, black & white, silver jewelry
The Academic- men's shirt, oxfords, stripes and regal colors
The Hipster-skinny. . . as in everything.
The Artiste--splattered or ripped jeans complete with a wrist stacked with bangles and some red lips
The Hip Urbanite--blazer, hat, booties, rich colors and some edge

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