Monday, October 31, 2011

On What I Will Do for Halloween

Let's face it, I am extremely low key these days. My ideal night is probably dinner out and a movie or cooking at home or a glass of wine out and then cooking at home. All of the aforementioned options are not what my peers would call very risqué but that is me, and that is how I do it. 
I am not going out in costume this year (doesn't mean I won't ever). I will not drink hard liquor (not this year, not really ever). I decided about a week ago to host a low-key girls' night of art and crafting for Halloween.  It is Monday night, after all and I am sure traffic to go out anywhere is a royal @%#4! (400,000 are expected in West Hollywood tonight, and there are road closures, uhm, I am staying in!)
I have just pulled my place together. Soon, it will be time to get crafty! I have paint, I have canvas, I have cardboard, mason jars, buttons, golden markers, and a hot glue gun. Not to mention, wine, beats streaming from Pandora, fresh-out-of-the-oven pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, dark chocolate, olives, cheese, bread and candy corn (because even though it is kind of gross, it only comes around once a year!).  
Happy Halloweenie! 

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