Thursday, October 27, 2011

On What I Eat in Lieu of Clif Bars

My fabulous cousin clued me in on a little snack recipe for athletes.  I call it: The Nugget.  It is my go-to when I have a sweet tooth and deep runner hunger pangs.  It takes about 10 minutes total to cook, cool, and eat, which is somewhat of a miracle when it comes to baked goods.  It has four ingredients: chocolate chips, peanut butter, milk (almond, soy, or dairy), and raw oats.  Here's the prep:
1. Mix 1/4 cup chocolate chips (or baking chocolate, dark chocolate, your choice), 2 tablespoons milk, and 2 tablespoons peanut butter In a saucepan and stir on low heat.  
2. Once the chocolate has melted and everything has smoothly come together, add 3/4 cup oats.  Take the mixture off the heat.  
3. Stir. 
4. Ball the batter and place in the fridge. Wait for about 8 minutes and munch away.  
5. Approach your next workout feeling fueled and satisfied.     
For the original recipe:,,10000002002350,00.html
Must give credit where credit is due. Oh and thanks to my cuz.


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