Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On Glamping

This weekend I am going to Big Sur for the first time ever--not to mention-- I am going glamping for the first time ever.  
"Glamping?" -you ask. . 
 Glamping is well . . . glamour camping.  It is camping in the sense that you get away from it all and venture out to a remote setting--but it is less latrine, less Swiss Army, less pocket rocket camp stove and meh tasting half-cooked food.  Glamping entails french presses, day beds, full functioning grills, and the miracle of running water.  You still spend the weekend hiking, swimming, exploring the great outdoors, eating s'mores, and wearing all things Patagonia BUT you get to do so knowing you will sleep somewhere kinda fab.  Camping typically entails a stone cold sleeping bag whereas the world's most craggy stump/rock/who knows what manages to lodge itself into your back for the entire night.  Glamping. .  .just well. . . . isn't that. 
When it comes to glamping there are many options--Trailers, Treehouses, Safari Tents, Tipis, and Yurts.  My pick for the weekend is a refabbed Airstream.  Ain't nothing rough about that.

To learn more about glamping, The New York Times wrote an article.

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