Monday, March 25, 2013

On Piers

Santa Barbara Pier, photo by author
I love the coast and most things associated with the coast--lighthouses, sailboats, fishermen's sweaters, lobster traps, buoys, ropes, anchors, oh and piers.  I love me some piers. Today I read that there are three types of piers: working piers (intended for hunky fisherman and longshoremen), pleasure piers (wouldn't you like to know?!), and fishing piers (again think sexy men-types).  Despite piers' somewhat impracticality-- being a dead-end walkway over the water-- I am delighted to visit them. They are simple, robust structures that smell of tar and wooden beams.  They are solid and reminiscent of a strong, hard-working man with calloused hands.  I like to walk out to the end of a pier and gaze out into the sea.  I will stay out there until I am ready to go back to being a landlubber--sometimes that means I will stay at the pier's end for a really long time thinking about my fantasy life as a seasoned sailor.  When I am at the end of a pier suspended over the salty water thinking about boats and salt and sea, life is so simple. 

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