Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On My Spring Wish List

Spring/Summer is creeping up on us in LA.  It is in like a lamb in the form of brighter moods, bronzer skin, warmer air, lighter clothes, and longer daysI am beginning to theorize that Los Angeles has two seasons: gray and well. . . not gray.  The former being the season we are breezing into, thank goodness!

With the changing of the seasons comes the relentless need to make some additions to my closet. My wishlist of things and threads includes, but is not limited, to the following:

Striped bikini from J. Crew in the sailor classic navy & blue
A weekender bag for those quick summer getaways.  
This one is from Burberry. 
Summer slip-ons.  
I like Soludo's Dali in black. 
A collection of camp blankets for impromptu picnics
and snooze/read fests in the great outdoors. My favorite
setting for an outdoor summer nap is Barnsdall Park. 
A distressed tee that is soft as skin.  
This one is from Heist. The more thread-bare the better. 

A hoodie. This patriotic one is perfect for the Fourth of July. 
Ps. Friends on the East Coast--I am planning a little LONG weekend
homecoming. Break out the BBQ and some beers--I am coming HOME!
A beer tote for my bike. This is genius! 
This is the perfect way to get to an outdoor concert. 
Speaking of which, my first concert of the season is this weekend. Holla!

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