Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On My Ever Growing List

I have been in LA for close to three years.  Wow, that is weird to even type, let alone, think about. Three years went by with the blink of an eye.  One of the ways that I have gotten to know my sprawling urban home is by eating out.  Food lures me out of my KTown enclave and ushers me to locations far and wide.  My restaurants-to-visit list is growing longer and longer.  One would think after being here for a bit that it would shrink.  Not the case. Right before my very eyes, Los Angeles is getting better and better by the minute and its restaurant scene is just ka-boom blowing up.  I like it here because you can see, feel, hear, and well. . . eat new things each and every day.  It is the city that never ends.   

I will spare you from listing my each and every restaurant-to-try.  I have a honking list on my IPhone which I scroll through with at least 35 flicks of my thumb.  The highlights include: 

Plan Check :(West Los Angeles) As an urban planner-by-trade, I am drawn to the name of this place.  It seems like the perfect setting to grab a burger and a beer after pushing permits all day.  Not to mention its sleek, minimalist design and its unassuming location.

Goldie's (Mid-City) Modern California Cuisine which means all things earthy, nutty, and crunchy.  The eatery was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright design--wood is likely to be ubiquitous.  Created by Nick Mathers, the man behind Eveleigh, Goldie's will be mine to dine for brunch.  I heard the menu is short which usually entails quality in simplicity. 

Bestia: (Arts District) A girlfriend with impeccable taste in food suggested that we go to this place for dinner to celebrate our long-past mutual birthday.  Bestia is a return to-its-roots Italian place that occupies an old warehouse in one of my favorite neighborhoods in all the land.  The urban-industrial feel of the Arts D. gets me every time.  Rumor has it the restaurant smells of smoked meat. Delish!

Mess Hall : (Los Feliz) Summer camp pastimes taken to a whole new level.  Mess Hall adds kale, aioli,pomegranate vinagrette, and crème to your fond memories of the camp cafeteria--not to mention booze.  They serve some cocktails in campy tin mugs.  Reader beware: this place has gotten mixed reviews, regardless, I am a fan of the concept. 

Palihouse Courtyard Brasserie: (West Hollywood) The atmosphere of this brasserie looks like it will whisk you away from urban malaise any day of the week.  I would love to grab a Friday night dinner with friends and just spend hours kibitzing with bottles of red wine and steak frites. 

If you have been to any of the above, please enlighten me and tell me what you thought of your experience! Xo. 

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  1. Hey you! Just followed your link on facebook and glad I did. Fun to read your voice. Reminded me of why I liked you so much back in the day! I'll be adding you to my reading list fo sho. Sadly, I just took my bi-annual vacation to L.A. but maybe I can catch you in 2015!