Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On A Blessing in Disguise

During the week of finals, my car bit the dust.  Its timing belt broke and it was all over from there. Engine damage etc, etc. This impromptu expense would have been fronted by my Dear Dad, but being stubborn, and hopefully a bright, young thing, I refrained from accepting my parents' money. I am a big girl. I am in graduate school. I can handle my own problems.
So much was happening all at once when school was ending.  Aside from completing of my first year of Planning School, I moved, I got a job interning, and I lost my primary form of transportation.  At the time it was overwhelming, but in hindsight, I feel like I have gained so much.  I have moved from zipping about in a car to zipping about in my beloved scooter or I take the Metro or I WALK (WHA? In LA absurd?!?!?!).  Resultantly, my wallet has gained purchasing power--more money for yoga classes, concert tickets, books, films, eateries, oh and of course savings! I find myself in a more present state of being.  Each day passes and I feel more aware of my surroundings, my timing, the elements (what feels like a warm, sunny day will always feel blustery on the scooter's mind blowing speed).  I say hi to people on the streets.  I see the same stranger on a regular basis. (He commutes when I do.) I experience the city in ways that I have never done when I was in my second-home errrr . . . vehicle sitting on the 10 in traffic.  I think I am calmer. I feel happier. I recognize that I own a very fun bike.  I have pushed away my old habits of not really experiencing.  I have signed up for Zipcar.  Oddly, through loss, I feel like I have the world at my finger tips.  Through loss, I have and will discover new things.  

Ps Honk when you see a girl in a pink helmet out there cruisin'.

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  1. It's good to see you're putting your scooter to good use! Keep on scooting JM!