Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On What's in My Sack

I carry around a "Mom sack" it is the University of Southern California's version of the LL Bean Boat & Tote. Unfortunately, when pack up for the day, I am most likely not gearing up for a sail.  What I currently tote:

Homemade salad for lunch which is light, fresh, and the perfect combatant of the post-lunch dragging feel. 

My slim Crooks & Castle wallet.   The compact home to my identity.

Gum. Gum chewing keeps me alert and confident. Onions sometimes make their way into my homemade salads so this is purely for the sake of office etiquette.(Why this I make this specific gum choice has been mention in a prior post! Check it!)

My pleasure read of the moment. It is summer after all.  Even though I am working, I break up the Metro commute with a good novel. I am only 12 pages in, but am purely amused. This book is going to be good. Rumor has it Franzen kinda dissed Oprah's Book Club. Tahaha!

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