Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On How I Let Go

The best way for me to clear my head, get over something, gain some new perspective or reground myself is to get away. I am not saying I flee the country never to be seen or heard from again, but I go somewhere to do something new so that I may come back (in this case return to conventional society) afresh. 
This weekend (spurred by the pressure of a three day weekend and the imperative to make it memorable), I got a Zipcar, called upon a dear friend, and got up, up, and away. 
Where we went:                                   


What we did:
Drove a Prius to a place we didn't know existed 
Meditated about 5-6 times throughout the course of the day                      
Expanded our lungs with deep breathing                                                
Got a massage that made me understand the illogical phrase, "when it hurts so good" 
Saw people dressed as fairies, yogis, ravers, crunchy hippies, and many, many very loved babies                                                                 
Savored the best chai I have ever tasted (all real ingredients, no powder mix involved)                                                                               
Learned about the dangers of perma-culture and the powers of being a warrior                                       
Was inspired to eat more kale and do more yoga                                    
Felt freedom, felt love. Felt groovy.

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