Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On The Best Wedding Ever

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of accompanying my boyfriend to his college town for a wedding weekend. It could have been ok, amusing, nice, but instead it was wonderful. First of all, MK's college town is San Luis Obispo.  It was my first time there, but it satisfied all of the criteria that which constitutes a nice place (according to yours truly) --- an abundance of running trails, an array of restaurants, a comfortable social scene.  It was easy to walk around in the downtown, had ample access to the great outdoors and supplied really good coffee.  I'll consider the good wine an added bonus.

The location was just the beginning. The weather is another side story of what couldn't have been a better weekend away. The day of the wedding the clouds were thick. It was gray. Almost dismal. As the day worn on and our sleepiness wore off, the sun shot through the grey and by the time I arrived at the country club a warm, sunny afternoon glow had set in. 

MK was in the wedding. Normally, the girlfriend of a groomsman is like anxious or bored or socially awkward, but I was totally fine.  All of his friends took me under their wing and kept my company while my boyfriend looked hot in a suit during the ceremony.  

Now the ceremony. . . the venue was superb. Greeeeen lawn. The greenest of green. BRIGHT sky. Breathtaking views.  One of the most genuine and utterly-in-love couples that I have had the pleasure of meeting shared their  vows to one another in this picture perfect setting. Original, self-authored love vows. Like from the heart. Handwritten on loose leaf paper kind of situation. Touching. Sincere. True. 

The ceremony gave way to cocktail hour and dinner and dancing and everything, everything, everything went off without a hitch. The Best Man gave a speech worthy of some kind of award.  The centerpieces on the table would have made Martha Stewart (and people with better taste and manners than her) massively jealous.  From the place tags for the seats, to the pears which were perfectly placed, to the flowers in the boutonnieres, to the cardboard CD holder with the photo printed wedding favor, to the gift bag given to us as we arrived in our hotel room. . . everything, everything, everything was so thoughtful and genuine and original. Love is the only thing I know that would be the driving force behind such a finely crafted event.  

Weddings leave some to zit ridden faces, horrible stockpiles of fuschia bridemaids' dresses that cost $300.00, angry parents, uncomfortable guests, dry cake. . . the list goes on and on. . . but to me, this wedding left me feeling inspired. Inspired to be as loving and genuine as the bride and groom that were behind July 30th's union. 

Did I mention there was a Sunday brunch? and they served mimosas and croissants and I was in heaven and not even feeling hung over?

Wait, did I mention there was a photo booth? 

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