Thursday, August 4, 2011

On What I Souvenir

I might be one of the last people on this Earth that buys postcards, writes them, and mails them to her friends when traveling but that is besides the point. I have a new traveling habit.  I go to the local coffee shop which I find with a dose of Yelp help and other various up-to-date tourist tools and I purchase a mug as well as drink something caffeinated.  
My rationale:
1. I drink coffee and tea daily and I like mugs. 
2. This souvenir is more practical (and less tacky) than snow globes.  It doesn't snow in most of the destinations that I have visited this summer and yet snow globes are a major tourist take-away. How odd. 
3. I am not one for shot glasses (I don't drink liquor, only wine and beer) or weird spoons (I am not a spoon collector), or tee shirts (I already have too many). 
However, I can be a klutz in the kitch (I dropped a half cooked pancake on the floor the other day, yep a pancake, batter everywhere) so having a few extra mugs to throw around is the perfect reminder of where I have been.  
This summer's collection includes: 
Sorry this mug was upside down in the drying rack when I took the picture which is evidence that it is well used!

This souvenir was a gift from the MK when I was away for a wedding in Central California (see previous post). 

This mug is from Capital Hill in Seattle. Bought on a rainy day when I was jittery from my second morning latte. 

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