Monday, August 22, 2011

On What I Will Hold Onto

Tomorrow night at this time I will be in class. Yes, class. Summer is over. Ho Hum---but I promise you, I promise you, I will keep the fun of summer in my life despite the impending circumstances (aka the last year of earning my Masters degree).  I will have to give up somethings.  I will have to give up my fine routine of swilling wine every night, my tendency to not wear pants anywhere anymore, and my leisurely afternoons of a little yoga, a long walk, and whatever I feel like I should be doing (and I mean whatever in the loosest sense of the word possible).

However, be forewarned, I will not give up many, many things that bring me great pleasure.  
Among them: 
fashion magazines
massive amounts of running
mornings of coffee, blogging, emailing, and being lame (and maybe stalkerish) on Facebook
grocery shopping multiple times per week 

So if you have a bout of the Back to School Blues (as I have had all week) remember to chow down on some corn on the cob, hop on your bike, let down your hair, and do something dangerous and irrational.  If you need some help coming up with something call me (I will most likely suggest you go streaking).  Let's keep the sweet summer alive.
Yes, she is wearing a backpack. No, she is not on her way to school!

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