Sunday, August 14, 2011

On What I Flea'd.

Sundays are always well spent at the flea market (especially the one at the Rose Bowl, it is HUGE). When you are not looking for something, you find everything. I happened upon many, many treasures and have spent the whole night art and crafting because of it. 
My big purchase:
I know there is a lot going on in this picture, however, the focus is the yellow shelving. I bought this a few hours ago and already it has made itself useful! The basket hanging on the left is new too. Perfect for the farmer's market.
My token treasures:
I love vintage printed glasses. These Libby glasses have barn scenes on them and are so perfect for the red in my kitchen.

These blocks were a few bucks (like two smackers). I like the letter Y and I always call my house "the nest".
This framed embroidery is adorable and is now hanging next to my bed. 

I bought a misc bag of lace for about 5 dollah. Time for some art projects. I will be sure to post what I make. (That is if my ideas turn into a success!)
Happy Sunday all! Hope you had it good!

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