Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Making the Switch

From this

To this
With school soon to be back in session, I will eventually need to trade my tribal prints for animal prints or so I was told by Vogue, Vanity, and a few of my favorite fashion blogs. My woven Peruvian shoulder bag will need to be traded in for the more academic looking leather messenger.  My beaded Apache sandals will be forgone for leopard print flats.  My turquoise jewelry will be replaced with pearls and professional looking studs. My printed shorts will be swapped for jeans and trouser pants.  My cropped tees for blazers and shirts that can be tucked in. Ray Ban Sunglasses for my specs so that I can see the professor. I will carry around my MacBook rather than my bikini and sunblock.  

However, all is not lost. I can return to my summery hippy clothes on the weekend.  Lucky for me fall never really sets in here in Los Angeles.  I get to cheat all year long. I can wear shorts and skirts in the winter.  Ripped jeans and bare feet whenever I feel like it. Seasonal dressing is more symbolic than it is for practical purposes.  I will take full advantage and keep my tribal garb handy. Oh, and my summery maxi dresses are here to stay. 

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