Monday, August 29, 2011

On Kale

Even with school back in sess, I am still spending time in the kitchen.  That time is very important to me. So here is the story: I never used to eat kale.  Years have gone by without kale ever making it on the shopping list.  Now that is bad since I feel I have bought (or have grown) every veggie known to man at some point in my life. Kale is a  different type of green.  You cannot just throw it into a salad bowl, chop some other veggies to accompany it, and have an edible meal.  That just does not happen with kale.  However, kale is not hard.  It just needs a little extra care.  It needs a massage. Yep, kale needs to be touched

How I handle my kale: 
First, I rinse it.  Then, I de-spine it, meaning, I take out that thick backbone structure that it has holding up its leafy leaves.  Then I toss it into a bowl and ground some sea salt over it and add a splash of olive oil.  Then: massage.  I knead the kale.  This causes the dark, leafy green to shrink a little.  It takes in the flavors of the olive oil and becomes much more tender and palatable.  You can eat just like so, but I like to embellish it.  

My latest kale salad included the salt and the olive oil (and of course the massage), but then I tossed in some freshly steamed brown rice, a mix of quinoa, some shredded carrot, some pinto beans, a dash of lemon herb dressing, and a warmed corn tortilla.  I made enough for lunch tomorrow since kale holds up remarkably well, even when dressed (think opposite of soggy lettuce the morning after).  Go green. Go dark, leafy green!


  1. Hi Janelle,
    I love your post about Kale! It is my favorite vegetable and a super food. Besides, kale is so underrated, people are often thrown off by its 'intense' flavor that overlook all of its amazing nutritional properties and health benefits. I like my kale roasted with garlic, I also love to make kale chips, they're a great healthy snack. New York Naturals carries a good variety of kale chips that are raw and vegan. But its also great to have it raw (very filling this way) and the massage is a must for it to soften. I hope more people would discover kale and enjoy its benefits and yummy flavor!

  2. I'm gonna try this recipe, thanks for posting it. I've been eating my kale either baked like a chip or sauteed with garlic, olive oil, and tons of red pepper flakes over penne.